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Shellie Audsley

MPhil (HKU)


My interests lie in the link between narratology and poetics—two seemingly irreconcilable models of thinking that are underpinned by sequentiality (textual and/or perceivable)—and hybrid texts that blend and shift between genres, forms and modes. I’ve been most fascinated by the (later) Romantics, whose innovation in genres—among many other ideas—anticipates still more exploration beyond the rigid demarcations of established genres. 

In my thesis, I trace and examine—with the aid of a narratological framework—narrative-lyric interaction and its tenacious ties to the sublime (in various of its renditions) in a transgeneric range of poems by Lord Byron, Percy B. Shelley, John Keats and Edgar Allen Poe. From my study, I hope to distill an aesthetic theory of narrative (or a narrative theory of aesthetics) that uncovers the strategies of these lyric poets in conveying and embodying the experience of the sublime in the embedded narrative structure of their poetry. 

Supervised by Dr Jessica Valdez.

Selected Publications

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