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Tim Yung

PhD Candidate


My research focuses on the Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui (Chinese Anglican Church) from the establishment of the diocese of Victoria (Hong Kong) in 1849 to the departure of foreign missionaries by 1951. Focusing on the South China Diocese, my work is guided by questions such as: what was the identity of Chinese Anglicanism? What was the role of indigenous clergy and Christians? How and why did the Chinese Anglican Church become constituted in 1912? What was the impact of foreign imperialism and Chinese nationalism? How did the missionary enterprise shift from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century? Although the bulk of my work focuses on the early twentieth century, it rests on the foundation of nineteenth century history, especially in relation to worldwide missions and their networks, the late Qing dynasty, and British colonialism in Hong Kong.

Relevant fields:
History of Chinese Christianity
World Christianity
History of Missions from 1800

Hong Kong History
Modern Chinese History

Selected Publications

A Short Biography of Charles Ridley Duppuy, Bishop of Hong Kong (Hong Kong: Religious Education Resource Centre, forthcoming).

'Visions and Realities in Hong Kong Anglican Mission Schools 1849-1941' Studies in Church History 57 (forthcoming).

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