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offers a forum for interdisciplinary research in the nineteenth century across fields as diverse as art history, history, literature, and music.  

Extraterritorial Publication and American Missionary Authority about the ‘Opium War’: Contesting the Eloquence and Reciprocity of John Quincy Adams’s ‘Lecture on the War with China’

Extraterritorial Publication and American Missionary Authority about the ‘Opium War’: Contesting the Eloquence and Reciprocity of John Quincy Adams’s ‘Lecture on the War with China’

Article by Prof. Kendall A. Johnson

"The US missionaries Elijah Bridgman and Samuel Wells Williams leveraged authority from extraterritorial printing in South China to rebut the oratorical eloquence of ex-President John Quincy Adams on the First Opium War. They did this by editing Adams’s ‘Lecture on the War with China’ (1841) for The Chinese Repository that they published monthly from Guangzhou, Macao, and Hong Kong . . . 



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The cluster aims to facilitate collaboration among scholars at HKU working across the nineteenth century. It will promote research and recent publications by staff and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts, as well as organize lectures, works-in-progress workshops, and other events to foster collaboration. The goal is to encourage interdisciplinary research and to rethink traditional approaches to the nineteenth century. 

This website serves as a searchable collection of current research in the nineteenth century at HKU. It also provides resources for researchers in the period, including materials held in the libraries at the University of Hong Kong.

The Nineteenth-Century Research Cluster was established by Dr. Jessica Valdez in 2020. The website was designed by MPhil student Shellie Audsley.




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  • NAVSA Virtual Series Panel 1: Intersections, Networks, and Exchanges
    Mar 19, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM GMT+8
    New Models for Victorian Studies
  • [Talk] Steam City: Railroads, Urban Space, and Corporate Capitalism in 19th-Century Baltimore – Dr David Schley (HKBU)
    Apr 08, 12:00 PM GMT+8
    Hybrid (4.46 Run Run Shaw Tower, HKU); Zoom
    "...Eastern cities launched the first railroads in the United States to foster urban growth, and early railroads depended on municipal aid. How, then, did these urban, public improvements become paragons of capitalist power after the Civil War?" No registration required.
  • "The American Dilemma": Foreign Contract Labor and the Making of US Immigration Policy
    Nov 13, 2020, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM GMT+8
    In this presentation, Dr. Hideta Hirota (Sophia University) will introduce his current book project, which examines a fundamental dilemma in American history – the tension between nativism against foreigners and demand for their labor. This event is co-sponsored by the Department of History at HKU.


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