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offers a forum for interdisciplinary research in the nineteenth century across fields as diverse as art history, history, literature, and music.  

“A Christy Minstrel, a Harlequin, or an Ancient Persian”?: Opera, Hindustani Classical Music, and the Origins of the Popular South Asian “Musical”

Article by Dr. Rashna Darius Nicholson

"The story of South Asian colonial modernity and music offers up a multidirectional and polymorphous conceptual terrain featuring, among many agents, Hindustani royalty, touring minstrel and burlesque troupes, Jesuit missionaries and orientalists, and not least, social reformists . . ."



About the Cluster


The cluster aims to facilitate collaboration among scholars at HKU working across the nineteenth century. It will promote research and recent publications by staff and postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts, as well as organize lectures, works-in-progress workshops, and other events to foster collaboration. The goal is to encourage interdisciplinary research and to rethink traditional approaches to the nineteenth century. 

This website serves as a searchable collection of current research in the nineteenth century at HKU. It also provides resources for researchers in the period, including materials held in the libraries at the University of Hong Kong.

The Nineteenth-Century Research Cluster was established by Dr. Jessica Valdez in 2020. The website was designed by MPhil student Shellie Audsley.




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"Resurrection and Risorgimento: Giuseppe Mazzini and the Cult of Martyrdom in A Tale of Two Cities"
RPG Reading Group: Clare Pettitt's Serial Forms


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